Getting Started

Covering the basics. What is a Say. How to respond. How to follow.
What is Howwl?
Howwl is hashtag-based microblogging, with natural conversations. You can follow people and hashtags. Everything is open and public, which means it can be seen by everyone. We encourage mutual respect, and police Howwl vigorously. There's no private messaging.

Nothing you say lasts longer than 120 days. We delete all conversations once they're 120 days old.

Howwl can be largely anonymous. We only need a valid email address.

What is a Say?
A Say starts a conversation. A Say can have several threads, which are like conversations within conversations. They're designed to be as real-world as possible.
Creating a Say
Start writing at the top of the home page, at Say Something. Anywhere else, click on the Say    icon. A Say can be up to 256 characters long.
Respond directly to a Say by writing below it. Reply to an existing response via the Reply    icon. A reply can be up to 256 characters long.
To follow a person or a hashtag, click on the username or hashtag and then click on Follow. Follow a Say by liking it. You automatically follow Says you reply to.
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