Say something, shout something, tell everyone
Howwl is anonymous microblogging with no comments, no accounts. Whatever you say only lasts 90 days.
Last update 6 Feb, 2018

What is Howwl?

Howwl is a place where you can say something and be both anonymous and safe. It can be an opinion or just something personal.

There's no comments. People can love what you say, and nothing else. There's no accounts, and anything about you is encrypted. Whatever you say only lasts 90 days.

Howwl can be anything from a soapbox to Freudian psychoanalysis. It is what you make it.

What can you say?

Anything that isn't obviously offensive. Howwl is policed, and we aim to be responsible.

So nothing that promotes prejudice, hatred or violence. No porn, no spam. Nothing illegal. Nothing that causes damage or harm. We respect the idea and ethos of copyright. You shouldn't name anyone other than public figures.

We'll remove anything we don't like the look of.

At present, we're English language only.

How many characters are allowed in a Say?


A Say can be up to 256 characters long.

Can I include HTML?

No. HTML isn't allowed in a Say.

How do URLs work in a Say?

Including the http or https element of a URL creates a link. To write a URL without making it a link, leave out the http element.

We're only human

And Howwl is very new. Report problems or whatever at Feedback is good.